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Thank you for reaching out in reference to your dog training needs. We would be honored to assist you in reaching your goals and bring out the best in your dog. We offer a lifetime guarantee and full financing .

Please fill out and return the attached evaluation form. After you have returned the attached form, I will get right back to you with the best training options to serve your needs.

In dog training, it always comes down to communication issues between humans and dogs. Clarity of task is 90% of the issue when it comes to dog training. We offer board and train packages, meaning your dog comes and stays with us for the duration of the training. We train your dog and make them amazing. We then bring the dog back to you, train you as a dog owner, and make you and your dog an amazing team together. We have trained well over 10,000 dogs and take extreme pride in every dog. Training dogs, working with clients, delivering both amazingly trained dogs and awesome training experience is what we do best. After training, we will support you for the life of the dog and always here to coach, problem-solve, and troubleshoot issues into the future. We are truly honored to welcome you into the Ridgeside Family.

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We offer multiple dog training packages:

Puppy Head Start Program:

Bringing your new puppy home can be an incredible, exciting and rewarding experience, but equally as challenging. Our program will teach you how to connect with your puppy and create a harmonious learning environment through the modern language of dog training. This foundation will give your puppy the gift of clarity, understanding and the crucial feeling of assimilation a pack animal craves, simultaneously shaping new wanted behaviors and fading out the unwanted behaviors.

In this program we will cover the following:

  • House breaking
  • Feeding/water scheduling
  • Jumping
  • Chewing/biting
  • Marker training
  • Operant/classical conditioning theory
  • Leash walking
  • Interacting with other animals
  • Intro into all the basic obedience behaviors
  • This is done with lessons at our facility in Loudon TN and conducted on a one on one basis. Lessons cost $100 and normally last about an hour.


We offer basic, advanced and customized training for you and your dog, there’s a couple of programs we have to help you achieve your goals.

Our most successful program is our board and train, starting with dogs at about 5 months of age. This program lasts approximately four weeks and costs $2500. We don’t need it all at once, we asked for half up front and the remaining balance once the dog is ready to come home. The dogs stay with us the entire time and once the dog has completed the program, we bring them back to the owners and then teach the owners how to maintain the work we’ve done. We also provide several follow up lessons to ensure the programs success. Advanced off leash training, with grater distractions, duration and distances is 6 weeks long and costs $3500.

Once Training Is Done

We will have what we call a “turnover” at the end of the program. This will include:

· Learning about motivations and rewards

· Learning and Giving new commands and communicating with clarity

· Correcting unwanted behaviors / Reinforcing and rewarding desired behaviors

· Knowing how to stay in control and communicate with your dog

· Plan for anywhere between 3-4 hours spent with us going over the last 2-4 weeks.


Our one on one lessons at are $100 per lesson and normally last approximately an hour. The lesson takes place at our facility in Loudon and we can possibly make house calls, but If you live outside the metro Knoxville area, there may be an additional charge for travel time. It’s difficult to predict how many lessons it will take to achieve the level of training to which you are satisfied, because the success of the training solely relies on the owners practicing as much as they can in between lessons. In about five or six lessons I can thoroughly educate you on how to create behaviors that you want and stopping behaviors you don’t want.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your trust and your business. We are truly honored to serve your dog training needs now and into the future.


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