"My husband Edward and I would like to thank Justin Rigney for making our two German Shepherds responsible citizens and wonderful pets. They are well bred, wonderful dogs and with Justin's extraordinary training abilities and vast experience he has instructed our dogs in obedience training and behavior modification which has served to only enhance our lives with our beloved pets. We have an ongoing program with Justin to help our dogs perform to their fullest potential. Sincerely, "
Deborah and Ed Robinson
“My DJ was a very typical Jack Russell Terrier, full of drive, curiousity and nearly impossible to control around other animals. I run a very busy horse farm and mobile equine natural health & oxygen therapy business and my dogs are always with me. After a few scary and close calls where DJ got away from me, I called Justin for help. After DJ completed his off-leash training program he came back like a new dog! He was incredibly obedient and responsive but what was even more impressive was that DJ loved his new found clarity. He use to take off from me on the farm and he couldn’t care less where I was. Now, he listens and eagerly waits for his next command. This gave me the greatest feeling of confidence and peace of mind, creating harmony on the farm!"
Squeak Larkin
"I contacted Justin with the hopes of being able to enjoy my dog without being stressed out. Crosby is a high energy Goldendoodle who had developed bad behavior from having a mom who didn’t know how to train a dog. Justin had Crosby for approximately 4 weeks and did an outstanding job which allowed Crosby to be part of our family. Justin established boundaries, commands given in the midst of chaos which Crosby clearly understood and spent time teaching me that consistency is what Crosby needed to become our dream dog. I couldn’t be more thankful for my family and that Crosby is enjoying his life with us. "
Lisa Brown
Cooper City, FL

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Customer Reviews

Justin is always a pleasure to train with. Instead of just showing you, he takes the time to explain when, where, and why. It’s quite obvious Justin has a unique and special gift in training dogs and teaching the handlers. He understands dogs and most importantly respects them. Im very grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to train with Justin!
Leslie Gilbert